JBeans overview

The JBeans project is a complete re-implementation of the java.beans packages. This project builds on the deficiencies of the Sun implementation to provide developers with a set of tools that can be used in everyday practice. The JBeans project provides more support for getting and setting bean properties, type conversion, nested properties, indexed properties, and full JavaBeans.

The goal of this project is to provide developers with a better implementation of the java.beans package that provides functionality that is used in everyday use. We love to hear suggestions about new functionality for the package. Please write to use at brian@pontarelli.com.

Quick downloads

The latest JBeans release is 1.1. You can go to the Project home page and download the zip file from SourecForge or download it using this link: jbeans1.1.zip

Help out

As you can see, the website is in dire need of a good rewrite. Please check out our source forge pages to find out how you can get involved and help us make JBeans the industry standard for accessing and using JavaBeans. Project home

JBeans news

March 5, 2002 - Release 1.1
The 1.1 release is available for download. It contains some minor changes and two new classes. The changes include making the two event classes extend java.util.EventObject and the two listener interfaces extend java.util.EventListener. The JavaBean class also contains new methods that help retrieve nested properties, check if properties are indexed and a few others.

The new class is a new dynamic nested bean property class. A problem with the old nested bean property class was that once constructed it was impossible to change the indices used for indexed properties in the nesting. The new class does not take indices during construction, rather it takes either an array or indices or List of indices during retrieval or update. This provides a much more flexible method of accessing nested bean properties.

February 27, 2002 - Bugs and new features
Well, after the 1.0 release, I've been working on some various bugs and enhancements. I'm getting ready to do a 1.1 release either tomorrow or sometime next week.

This release will mostly since obscure problems like PropertyEvent next extending java.util.EventObject. I've also added a few new classes, which I might add, have the longest names I think I've ever used. One's named SynchronizedDynamicNestedBeanProperty. A little overkill, but gets the point across ;)

Look for the next release in the coming days.


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