This document
What is JBeans?
Why use JBeans?
What does JBeans replace?
Making life easier
Case studies/scenarios
First steps/definitions
Using BeanProperty
Using IndexedBeanProperty
Using NestedBeanProperty
Using DynamicNestedBeanProperty
Using JavaBean
Events and conversion
User guide

This is the main user guide for the JBeans package. This document covers all the information needed to use the JBeans package. Some things have been purposefully left out because they can easily be learned using the Javadoc or the code itself. If you are reading and think of something that would be really useful, check the Javadoc first and if it still isn't there, submit a feature request on the project home page at SourecForge here.

Any errors in this document should be submitted to the bug tracking system on the JBeans SourceForge site or emailed to